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payment-plans-senior-couple-paperwork-wall-unit-cA-peopledisk-19159548.jpgSmartPay Budget Plan

The Smart Pay Budget Plan helps you manage your fuel costs effectively and avoid budget-busting bills in the middle of the heating season - when many customers are managing holiday expenses or preparing to pay taxes. Most homeowners accrue 75% of their heating costs in just a few months, but our "Smart Pay Budget Plan" spreads out those costs to help you stay ahead. When you enroll, Frank Bros. will estimate your usage for the next year, and spread those costs out over 11 months, between July and May. In June, we "settle up" and make any adjustments or credits to your account.

Market Pricing

Some customers prefer to pay for their Oilheat the same way they pay for milk, eggs or bread. If you opt for Market Pricing, then you will be charged according to our variable daily rate. Your costs will fluctuate according to our costs - just like your bill from the supermarket.

Call Frank Bros. today to enroll in one of our price protection programs.

Fixed Price

As a Frank Bros. automatic delivery customer, you can opt for a season-long Fixed Price for your Oilheat. This service guarantees that you always pay the same amount per gallon for your Oilheat - your price will not be affected by market fluctuations, even if prices go higher or lower. Fixed Price is only available to customers on the Frank Bros. automatic delivery program.

Capped Price

Automatic delivery customers who want to protect their price for the entire heating season can also opt to purchase a Capped Price plan. This plan puts a limit, or cap,on your per-gallon fuel cost. If the market price on the day of delivery is below your cap you'll pay the regular price, but if the market price goes above the cap you'll pay your cap price instead. This plan differs from the Fixed Price plan, in that a Cap Price can vary from one delivery to the next.

Due to market conditions plan not always available.

Auto Pay

Frank Bros. offers you the convenience of Auto Pay. You supply your credit or debit card information to us just once, and never need to worry about your payment being on-time again. Your payment will be charged to your card on the same day each month, ensuring you of uninterrupted comfort and a positive credit rating. No more waiting for bills to arrive, or digging through your desk to find a stamp! PLUS, if your card offers reward points, you will be adding to those credits each month.


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